July 1, 2021

July 1 marks yet another dubious milestone for social equity cannabis entrepreneurs.

It was a year ago today that the State of Illinois was to award the next round of manufacturing licenses – the licenses needed by craft growers, infusers and transportation companies. Instead, those applicants, including a spate of qualified social equity entrepreneurs, have been waiting a year to join the cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Business Association of Illinois (CBAI) is proud of its record on diversity and supports the continued growth of the industry in an inclusive, equitable manner. We were pleased to see the State move forward on a bill that would award the next round of dispensary licenses, but we can’t stop there.

The industry has incubated, coached and advocated on behalf of social equity applicants for more than a year, and it’s time we welcome those businesses into our ranks to create the inclusive marketplace Illinois deserves. We urge the governor to sign the bill and then move forward on awarding all types of cannabis licenses.

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