Member Spotlight: Navāda Labs

Member Spotlight: Navāda Labs

About Navāda Labs, LLC


Ron Miller

Navāda Labs, LLC: Navāda

Ron Miller and his siblings are the principal owners of Navāda Labs, which currently has dispensary and transportation licenses in Illinois, and plans to expand into the craft grow sector.

What makes your company interesting and unique?

Navāda is a social equity applicant that has been in business since 2019. We’re a family business, started by my siblings and I, and named as a portmanteau of our grandmother (Navie) and mother (Ada) names who inspired us to achieve personal and professional successes. We’re fortunate to be a part of Cresco’s Social Equity & Education Development™ program, which is helping us learn how to operate in the cannabis industry and further our work to provide health and wellness to the community through cannabis.

Based on our experience in developing a deep understanding of our shoppers and consumers, Navāda will provide branded products and a unique shopping experience of superior quality and value that improve the lives of consumers. We want to ensure that we are providing products that fit the needs of both recreational users and health and wellness users. Just like any industry, different consumers have different tastes and preferences, so we’re undergoing significant consumer research to ensure that we have the best understanding of what Illinoisans desire.

Miller Family of Navāda Labs

What role does your company plan in serving the cannabis industry?

We currently have transportation and dispensary licenses but are actively working to expand into the craft grow sector as well. Our goal is to build premium dispensaries and craft grow locations, with the intent to have some of the best products and best-in-class locations. One day – when home deliveries are legalized – we’ll be ready to use our fleet of electric transportation vehicles to transform the industry by delivering products directly to consumers, as well as transporting our brands across the state.

We also seek to leverage the capabilities of our architectural/engineering and technology affiliates to help other social equity applicants realize their market entry dreams.  As an outcome, we expect to create opportunities for a multitude of other disadvantaged professionals and tradespeople to participate in the lucrative cannabis supply chain a substantial and sustainable manner.


What excites you about the cannabis industry?

The biggest thing that excites us is the ability to provide a service to the community. Three generations of our family lived and grew up on the west side of Chicago, where we were witnesses to the war on drugs. So, it means a lot to us to have a role in this industry and help shape what it looks like, while providing opportunities to the communities and people that have been disproportionately affected by the criminalization of cannabis.


What are the biggest challenges facing your business?

The licensing process has proved to be a major hurdle, because we’ve been forced to recreate our business plan, financial strategies, marketing plan, facility plans, and our talent acquisition plan.

Additionally, we are concerned that continued delays will drain the diverse pool of qualified social equity competitors, who have had fewer resources to sustain the opening delays. So, if the market contracts too rapidly, it might be difficult for disadvantaged entities to enter the market compete effectively.


What do you like about being a CBAI member?

CBAI always has its ear to the ground on what’s happening in the industry and does a great job keeping members updated. It’s been a treasure trove of information and, in an evolving industry, that’s invaluable. The association also provides great opportunities for marketing with both established cannabis businesses and those working to enter and grow in the industry.



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