For Immediate Release                                                                                             
March 2020

CBAI: Cannabis Dispensaries Taking Important Steps to Keep Customers, Staff Safe from Coronavirus

SPRINGFIELD – As part of their ongoing commitment to putting customer health and safety first, members of the Cannabis Business Association of Illinois are taking important precautions and protections as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.

The state of Illinois has allowed cannabis dispensaries to take orders from medical patients on the curbs or in the parking lots of their facilities to reduce human contact between customers and staff. Guidance from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation allows dispensaries until March 30 to take orders for medical patients – who may compromised immune systems – directly outside the facility.

Dispensaries also have been advised to regularly disinfect surfaces touched by patients, keep customers six feet from each other and to separate lines for medical and recreational products.

To help dispensaries further keep patients and customers protected, CBAI has developed a resource packet of guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The materials outline standards for proper handwashing, what items in the dispensary should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, encouraging staff and customers to stay home if they’re sick, and more.

CBAI has encouraged its dispensary members to share the guidance with patients, customers, vendors and employees in their facilities. Some dispensaries are doing their part by limiting sales to medical patients only or limiting hours of recreational sales to ensure medical patients have access to the medicine they need.

CBAI Executive Director Pamela Althoff said these moves are part of a larger, ongoing collaboration between the cannabis industry and Gov. Pritzker’s Administration to ensure patients and customers have a successful, safe and valuable experience.

“For many months now, we have worked closely with the Administration to ensure patients are our first priority, and their health and safety is paramount,” Althoff said.

“These are concerning, uncertain times for everyone in Illinois and around the world as we deal with this pandemic. We appreciate the constant, productive communication with the Governor and his team as we work to meet the extraordinary demand for adult use cannabis product in Illinois and keep providing the precious medical supply to our patients. We will continue to work to keep everyone safe and healthy in our facilities, and to build out our infrastructure and supply to meet the growing demand in Illinois.”